Welcome to the second level of Tomb Raider 21. As you may have deduced from the presentation image, we are at a level based on the first game of the franchise, Tomb Raider.

If you have played the tutorial level, well done. If you have not played, I invite you to do it to know the mechanics of the project, since the questions asked in the previous level are of a smaller difficulty and here is increased.

Without further ado, let’s begin.


Tomb Raider allowed us to play videogames in a very different way than the one presented at the time. Open environments, full of paths and labyrinths, with a 3D graphic step and an epic soundtrack composed by Nathan McCree, who accompanied us during our explorations and gave a touch of mystery to each screen.

This particular level is located in Greece and its title was St. Francis Folly. In it, we dive inside a temple forgotten somewhere in the European country, where we find a part of the lost parts of Scion.

How to forget, of course, the part in which we have to descend by a central structure, full of dangerous cornices and mortal leaps, to accede to rooms with names of ancient gods. Many players felt dizzy when looking down, will you be able to replay this part with a few changes?

Let’s start with something easy.

Who welcomed us upon arriving in the room?