Orcas! A nice orcas that will not hurt you in your quest for the secret, so you can rest easy. Your life is not in danger here.


You can bathe a little in the water to relax after so much action at the military base, but do not stay inside all day because you have to get a device of great importance before leaving Nevada forever.

Following the path to the UFO was the next and last objective. Achieve reaching the artifact, Element 115, to leave the premises of Area 51 alive and travel to the next destination.

Are you ready for the last question at this level? I hope so, because there it goes. In the end, Element 115 prostrated itself on top of a pedestal, inside that strange and mysterious UFO, something frightening and slightly disgusting in equal parts. But beware of the ultimate danger. Quickly pick up the device!

What appeared before you took Element 115?