Welcome, adventurer!

If you are reading this, it means that you have embarked on an unprecedented expedition. You must be sure that you agree to continue to keep reading this short introduction, so I hope that by this time you have already decided whether to continue or go back where you came from. Of course, I trust you have chosen the first option…

TOMB RAIDER 21 is the first interactive project within the Tomb Raider community. A true revolution that aims to act as a basis for future international projects.

This project is a pioneer because it allows access for anyone who has an electronic device. Even with a physical event as the final climax, this series of online events will allow the participation in real time of all those who can’t attend the physical event. Therefore, the introduction of each and every member of the community, regardless of where they are, is sought.

In the same way, this project, if it is to be satisfactory, is expected to serve as a precedent for future international replicas, since it’s something that all franchise fans can enjoy wherever they are, and speak the language they speak, as long as the project is appropriately located for them.

The mechanics are simple. At certain times, a new level will appear on the website to be completed by you, where you will have to answer a series of questions preceded by an explanatory text that will position you correctly in order to find the right answer. Although, for that to be the case, you’ll also have to be a huge Tomb Raider fan and get the most out of the franchise, because all the questions and puzzles will be directly related about it.

The levels will consist of several phases, which you will have to go through with each correct answer. At the end of each level, you will discover a letter or a number that you must aim for. It is very important, because if you want to unveiled the end of the game, you will be required an ordered password formed by it. Also, to access these, you will have to enter a key that will appear at the last phase of each level. This is intended to protect the page that hides the letter or number to avoid the eyes of those who have not passed the corresponding levels.

Good hunting, go!