Croft Manor has changed a lot over the years, but has always been the home of Lara Croft. In this place we have rested, explored, and lived. Of course, it is an iconic place within the most famous adventure saga of all time, which has also appeared in films starring Angelina Jolie.


Each mansion has hidden a lot of secrets. We have had to discover hidden doors, open them, and enter the darkest places of the building, such as basements, garrets or underground pools. Oh, Lara, how many jumps you’ve got here as long as the players came earlier to the sites.

But we have not only enjoyed the interiors of this spectacular mansion, since we were able to control our dear Lara through the gardens surrounding it. An obstacle course, a maze where you could lose yourself just entering, and a quad circuit for the more daring.

In how many titles have we been able to play inside the Croft Mansion?