Green, right. It was a simple question, was not it? We will not hamper the level in the second phase. That will come later. So be prepared, adventurer.


In Area 51, security officers abound, but Lara is in charge of clearing the entire base of enemy forces so that they can continue to move forward. We can meet titans armed to the teeth, prisoners in a gray vest and trousers of the same color, and other agents in a blue uniform and a cap.

It is curious, because the latter have letters engraved on the top of the uniform (and on the cap), an acronym that we can find in other points of Area 51, but not so visible. White and very large, so they can be read. So, I hope you remember what they were, because you will need to eliminate those agents and move forward at this level.

This question is not very difficult as long as you look at the details, of course. It is not okay to kill the crazy without first knowing a little more about these nice enemies.

What were the letters?