Welcome to the third level of Tomb Raider 21, following the order of the games, this level is based on Tomb Raider II.

The game, published in 1997, was the largest number of copies sold before the release of Tomb Raider (2013). Although, of course, the market was not the same as now, so it has great merit. Also, it is one of the most popular games among fans of the franchise.


Tomb Raider II was the continuation of Lara Croft, where we were able to travel to China, Venice, and the remains of Maria Doria, among others. The improvement of some sections of his predecessor, while maintaining the original essence, made this game was a real wonder.

This new level is based in Venice, which is the second level of the game to which it refers. Through the canals, we will remember every detail of the place, so the best thing is that you play again to not hesitate to answer the questions.

Let’s start.

As we slide down the ramp leading to the level, we can see a strange drawing on one of the walls parallel to us.

What was that picture?